The patented Rigby System is a powerful, efficient and revolutionary approach to water management. To broaden the impact of this solution, we're talking to partners to extend the reach in key sectors. Below are some of our partners and opportunities to work with us:

Oil and Gas

We've teamed up to create Electro-Chemistry Texas, Inc. to offer treatment of flowback water from oil and gas well development. 


There's a huge need in some regions, especially in the West, to address fundamental groundwater issues. We're ready to explore ventures to fabricate units and help conserve this precious resource. 


We're interested in talking to established suppliers in the wastewater industry who want to deliver our innovative solution to their client base. We can offer new ways of dewatering sludge and compatible equipment at the forefront of environmental regulation.   

Let's talk.

We believe our system can change the way clean water is processed. If you share our vision, contact us.