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A CLEAR future

The are a number a different applications where ElectroChemistry’s patented technology could be applied. Some of those are but not limited to:

Applications & Advantages

Text Box: Maritime 
	Shipping Ballast and Bilge Water
	Shipping Black and Grey Water
Cruise Line Black, Grey, Laundry and Kitchen Wastewater	
Oil and Gas Exploration
Offshore Sewage and Grey Water Treatment
Hydraulic Fracturing Water Treatment and Recycling
	Refinery Wastewater Treatment
Municipal Wastewater
	Public Sewage Treatment
	Private Sewage Treatment
Industrial Wastewater
Chemical and Fertilizer Wastewater Treatment
	Pharmaceutical Wastewater Treatment
Commercial Laundry
	Hotel and Tourism Industry
	Personal Commercial Laundry
	Laundry Mat Grey Water Recycling
Humanitarian and Disaster Relief 
	Rapidly Deployable for Natural and Manmade Disaster
	Deliverable to Remote and Secluded Areas with Water Treatment Needs 
Stormwater Treatment for Reuse