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A CLEAR future

For the past few years ElectroChemistry engineers have been involved in the development testing and application of their patented EC technology to treat wastewater. A significant amount of work has taken place at two major municipal Washington, DC area wastewater treatment plants as well as various other applications in the oil and gas, shipping and laundry industries. The goal of the testing was to optimize the operating performance of the patented EC technology for removal of a variety of common wastewater pollutants including BOD, COD, metals, nitrogen, phosphorous and organic compounds. Testing also focused on the ability of the patented EC technology to flocculate particles for reduction of suspended solids (TSS) and the effective kill of E-Coli, fecal coliforms and viruses. The patented EC technology is also capable of separating oily wastewater and wastewater containing fats, oils ands greases (FOGS).

This technology is significantly less expensive to construct and operate than conventional treatment methods. It is capable of treating a wider range of contaminants and is unaffected by slugs of toxic or hazardous wastes. The system offers t he advantage of plug and play as compared to a conventional biological process which requires weeks and often months for treatment performance to stabilize.

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