a breakthrough in clean water

a breakthrough in clean water

a breakthrough in clean watera breakthrough in clean watera breakthrough in clean water

The Rigby System: A clear future using new technology


From domestic sewage to driller mud and food processing grease, Electro-Chemistry purifies wastewater using direct current to dissociate water and other molecules. The highly efficient Rigby System removes both organic and inorganic compounds, a sustainable solution for water treatment.

Organic compounds: voltage breaks break down chemical bonds to produce smaller, less troublesome molecules, often just carbon dioxide and water.

Inorganic solids: direct current electrons destabilize the particles in colloidal suspensions, preventing settling and successfully separating contaminants–including cement dust, carbon, silt and laundry dirt.

Compact, efficient and cost-effective, Electro-Chemistry's equipment delivers clean water in minutes


Electro-Chemistry was founded by Dr. David Rigby, P.E., an internationally recognized expert in water and wastewater engineering, water resources management, industrial wastewater treatment and water resources sustainability. 

Committed to Sustainability

Dr. Rigby has dedicated his entire career to protecting the environment through innovation. As a passionate advocate for the application of technology in preserving natural resources, Dr. Rigby developed his system to address an urgent environmental challenge: water management. 

Decades in Water Management

With nearly fifty years of experience as an engineer, business owner and entrepreneur, Dr. Rigby is an expert in engineering, conservation and environmental issues, as well as business development.

For the past 25 years, Dr. Rigby has taught graduate-level environmental engineering courses at George Washington University in Washington, DC.