Proven Client Success

Electro-Chemical LLC has performed numerous successful applications with the Rigby System process. Its clients include Military officials with the United Kingdom Ministry of Defense, Butler’s Commercial Laundry in the United Arab Emirates, several oil and gas well developers in Texas, the U.S. Bureau of Land Management, frack water testing companies, Coca-Cola Base Beverage Plant in Atlanta, Georgia, Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines, Miami, and Milligan Brand water supply well in Chama, New Mexico.

Coca Cola - Atlanta base beverage plant

Coca Cola

Removed phosphorous from concentrate wastewater and copper from nanofiltration reject water at the Atlanta Base Beverage Plant effluent.

Butler's Commercial Laundry - Dubai

Dubai Commercial Laundry

Removed dirt and detergents from Butler’s commercial laundry wastewater to produce reuse-quality water thereby achieving a return on investment in 2 years.

U.S. Bureau of Land Management -- Gold King Mine

U.S. Bureau of Land Management

Removed iron and heavy metals from acid mine drainage at the Gold King Mine in Silverton, Colorado.

Milligan Brand -- drinking water well

Milligan Brand

Treated regional 5 pH well water in the Chama Valley, New Mexico and reduced 20 ppm to 0.1 ppm iron to comply with the Safe Drinking Water Act.

Endeavour Energy -- Midland, TX

Endeavor Energy – Midland, Texas

Removed fracking oils and suspended solids to 0.0 ppm to produce reuse-quality reinjection water.

U.K. Ministry of Defense -- greywater treatment

U.K. Ministry of Defense – Greywater Treatment

Treated synthetic greywater to produce NATO standard drinking water for Forward Operating Base applications.

Landfill Leachate

Fauquier County

Removed iron and reduced organics from Landfill Leachate to levels suitable for aerobic biological treatment.

Poultry Slaughtering - peco chicken, Tuscaloosa, AL

Peco Chicken

Removed blood, FOG, and organics from slaughtering wastewater at Peco Chicken, Tuscaloosa, AL without polymers to produce high-quality rendering byproducts.

Sample Beakers of Water

Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines

Demonstrated significant reduction in BOD, TSS and FOG from black water, gray water, mixed water and pulper water streams.

Storm Water Drainage Success

Stormwater Treatment

Removed suspended solids, petroleum oils, nitrogen, phosphorous, heavy metals and bacteria for reuse.

Municipal Wastewater

Municipal Wastewater

Simultaneously removed BOD, TSS, FOG, TN, TP and coliform bacteria from raw and secondary sewage.